Mar. 29th, 2009



Steak dinner was had, and cupcakes were made. Attempt #2 turned out swimmingly awesome. Despite our best efforts there are plenty left for me to eat during this week. And I can always get more! :D Twilight wasn't in the redbox, so we had to postpone that plan.


DC was awesome. I played with the macro settings on the camera a bit but there weren't that many good pictures to be had this time. I think it's 'cause planes are kinda neat to look at but I'm just not that into them. We also spent a bit of time in the Hirshhorn Museum next door to the Air and Space Museum. Saw the Louise Bourgeois exhibition. It freaked The Girl out good, since she's weirded out by modern art in general.

We had dinner at Maggiano's and The Girl made noises about wanting to snatched the waiter we got. XD Lots of leftovers for lunch and dinner. I would like to be able to drag my family into DC for a change, but it's a LOT of walking and they're sadly just not up to it.

Went to the Borders next to the restaurant and impulsively purchased Twilight on DVD there. Went through with plan to watch film and get skunked. OMG it is awful. I can't wait to hear the audio commentary from RPattz.


Had delicious brunch and picked up prescription refill. Then I went to IKEA with the girl. It's like a decorator wonderland! I got a couple of lamps.. which ended up being one lamp because the smaller one was cracked in transit or something and fragmented when I got the plastic wrap off. The big lamp is in the bedroom and I was able to move my normal bedroom lamp into the TV room. It was a fun little adventure, and I saw a computer desk/chair set that I want that would clock in at only about $140 for the set of two. I want a new computer desk-- I need something with more storage and more desk space than the one I have now. I just need to get the boys over because they are both more mechanically inclined than I am and more able to follow directions that are entirely in pictures.

IKEA. OMG it's freakin awesome. Even The Girl got into it. I have to go back later.

Jan. 2nd, 2009

Happy new year dudes. I know I'm a day late, but that's because I was busy doing stuff yesterday. XD

Let's see, there's a lot of stuff to catch up on, so I guess I'll go in order.

Dec 23

I elected to go up to the rents' on the 23rd after work since there was freezing rain in the forecast for the 24th and I didn't feel like making the trip in the rain either way. Teenagers were nuts, as could be expected. My work present this year was a scarf (last year's was a mug that's sitting in my pantry.. I have a mug from every school I've ever taught at, including student teaching) and this time the principal didn't scare the crap out of the kids when he came to visit.

I am also no longer allowed to play the 60-second game against the kids. Since I kick their butts at it. (My co-teacher was not so lucky. XD)

Dec 24

I ended up doing last-minute shopping for Mom with Dad, which is kind of a tradition for the two of us. Which I was happy to do since I didn't realize she already had the Star Trek ornament I'd found. D:

Watched way too much Food Network. I'd gotten I'm Just Here for the Food from Chellemi a couple days earlier, so yeah. Alton Brown is a god of cooking, I swear.

Dec 25

We did prezzies about mid-morning since that's how long it took Moose to get up. I got a lot of cool stuff, though oddly this is the first year I can remember where I didn't get a single article of clothing for Christmas! My big haul was an AeroGarden along with the herb stuff, a tomato kit, and extra lights. When I get off my rear and set it up, I'll have a cool little garden. Even if it doesn't work as well as advertized, I won't have to worry as much about the plants getting enough light vs. dealing with temperature extremes from sitting on a windowsill. Hey, my apartment is tiny and it's hard to block the light from the streetlamp at night.

Dec 26

Went home since otherwise the cat would hate me forever. Cleaned up after him too.

I did end up spending a bit of Christmas cash on Speed Racer (I liked it. It's was trippyfabulous.) and a WoW timecard since my account was going to end on the 27th otherwise. XD Yats scored a Proto-Drake Whelp from her Oracle egg.

Dec 2-something

Chellemi came up so we'd have some hang-out time before New Year. Ribs and margaritas were had since we were craving them precious. The Chili's call-ahead actually works.

New Year's

Chellemi's friend K was up from Cali. I acquired a probe thermometer like Alton Brown uses and proceeded to use it to make bitchin' roast. Roasting is officially stupid-easy now. We also got a crapton of booze and got skunked. Rang in the new year watching Onmiyoji since K hadn't seen it before. And then we went to bed.

New Year's Day we got breakfast at Ze Local Diner (they apparently don't have them on the west coast) and got K Wrath of the Lich King and got her character transferred to our server. We'll have a 63 65 resto shammy joining the guild at some point. Once we get her to 80 we will have more of an unstoppable team. :D

I got a new camera since I've been wanting a new one for a few months. It's a Canon PowerShot A1000 and I'm in love with it. XD I'm considering getting a Flickr account just to have somewhere to stick all the random burbling with the camera I'm probably going to do. It's already light-years better than my old HP camera, which I'll probably donate to Mom since hers finally gave up the ghost. (The best part is that the Canon takes regular AA batteries.. which are growing out my ears since for a while everyone was giving me giant packages of them when I had no use for them.)

Today the fam is coming down and we're going to wander around the area since I'm beginning to think Mom's borderline agoraphobic and the Saga of Moose's feet continues, so he can't get around too easy himself. Hopefully I'll get free booze out of it, if I feel like drinking.

Dec. 8th, 2008

Just a quick note to note that I'm still alive.

I've started reading The Count of Monte Cristo for the first time in a few years.. first whack at the unabridged version to boot. I'm liking the translation I have-- my old translation is very dry and stuffy and this one chose to use more modern idiom. It's all the fault of Gankutsuou which the girl and I finally ended up getting around to watching. I am never watching that anime in multiple sitting again.. almost every episode is on a cliffhanger and you end up all obsessy wanting to know what happened next.

I don't know why people complain about the ending-- the ending was perfect for what the anime was about and just as importantly who it wasn't about. I'll be spoilery in the comments if you want, but nothing on the main page. It's too good to spoil. You know an anime is good when you're cheering on the characters or crying when bad stuff happens or someone says something profound and sad.

I made a batch of Dad's chili and some guacamole on Sunday. The guacamole is gone. It was interesting since I had tangerines but no lemon, so I squeezed half a tangerine in there to protect the color of the guac instead. Tasted gooooood. Had leftover chili for lunch today and I have a good half the pot left for later. But I'm eating pizza tomorrow because I'm too lazy to wash out the tupperware right now.. well, that and I'd rather muck with the microwave on a long lunch. And I'll be dining out tomorrow somehow, just haven't figured out the details.

Advising appointment is tomorrow in the evening. I'll probably fool around in town after the appointment since I'm not dumb enough to try and make the drive back in the teeth of rush hour. I think I might be able to afford a class on my own. Maybe. I'll have to get back on that one, since a class is $1200 with fees and tuition and not counting books, and with the nation's economy in the crapper I'd rather not run up credit card debt if I can help it, even if it's for a good cause.

Yes, I realize that I'm among the minority of American citizens in that I could pay off all my credit cards today and have a substantial amount of money left over. Doesn't mean I don't want a more stable savings. You know, retirement and all that jazz. I've had to blitz my savings account just about every time I've been close to having enough to a higher-interest account on some kind of important something. Bleck. I might be blessed with having a very stable job, but that doesn't erase the fact I don't get paid two months out of the year.

In other news, I'm almost finished with Christmas shopping. My tree is up and decorated. Nothing's wrapped yet. The girl and I did what's fast becoming tradition and traded a couple presents early. She got a DVD copy of Vision of Escaflowne since her VHS set is a collector's item and she's afraid to watch them anyway because of wear. Especially on tape six. (Operation Golden Rule of Love. LOL) I got a nice big T-Fal skillet with SCIENCE that's supposed to change color when it's heated. I have two more presents to get people and that's it. And I even made the annual Harry and David order for the extended family. Got this and this so there shouldn't be any complaining. XD

Have an angry Manfred von Santa. :D

Oct. 28th, 2008

Annual Rampant Commercialism Post HO!

So every year I get the request from my family to have a list of stuff I want for Christmas made up. Usually about October/November since we're all pathologically early like that. And because half the time when asked on the fly nobody can think of anything. XD

Mine's under the cut. Read if you dare.

Two front teeth may or may not be on the list. )