Mar. 24th, 2009

Tonight was taco night at my place. A guildie was waxing rapturous about taco kits in gchat back on Friday, and after that I just had to have them.

Made some on Saturday, and the batch lasted a couple days. It was boring, though, since I hadn't thought to get much toppings-wise and I couldn't get my salsa jar open.

To celebrate getting finished with paperwork and banging out a response paper, though, I went out shopping and returned victorious with taco stuff. Along with sour cream, more cheese, and this pico de gallo stuff that was ready-made but good since I didn't feel like getting the stuff and doing all that chopping myself.

I also got my salsa open. I went by Kitchen and Company to see what sorts of jar-opening gadgets they had (and to pick up cosmo mix for the weekend, but they stopped carrying the stuff I like, so I'll have to get mix and more vodka at the liquor store Friday). I saw a couple of these really crazy-looking clamp things that were like $14, and then I saw this little plastic thing called a jar popper that bragged it could open about any vacuum-sealed jar without fuss. It works by simply levering the lid up enough to break the vacuum and pop the seal without you trying to brute-force twist the lid. It was only $4 with the tax, so I got it. Worked like a dream. No more grunting and cussing and hurting my hand and beating things on concrete for me!

I had strawberries and bananas for dessert, with chocolate sauce. The strawberries have been stewing a wihile, with a bit of sugar. They taste bright and just a little bit like they're trying to ferment. Like, an edge of something but not really alcoholic, yanno? It's kind of an exciting taste. I'd wax lyrical about my dinner, but these sorts of things always sound better in my head.

I do regret not taking my camera into Kitchen and Company, though. They had a can of spotted dick. And apparently Rao makes salad dressing, though I did find some photographic proof that Rao also makes pasta. Who knew the god of Krypton had just mad culinary skillz? and thus am I outed as not only immature, but a geek! Some more!

I'm going to DC this weekend, to celebrate The Girl's birthday. And making cupcakes (probably tomorrow or Thursday so they're ready) and making steak dinner, but I figured we could buy the stuff on Friday. And rent Twilight out of the local Redbox and get skunked. We're going to the Air and Space Museum Saturday. We'd go to the building by Dulles, which has the space shuttle and the blackbird, but the only way to reach that is by driving or switching public transit and it would be a pain in the ass. On the plus side, they finished refurbishing the space part of the museum, which we missed when we went last year. And we're planning on Maggiano's for dinner again, which is expensive but they give you enough food to sink a moose.

Obviously I will not be raiding this weekend due to smoochy RL stuff. I suspect I will live.