Apr. 13th, 2009

Poetry Month - How to Read a Poem: Beginner's Manual

I managed to complete a draft lit review in about four hours. Finding sources was rough, let me tell you. I think it's pretty okay. Functional, not pretty, but okay.

I'm currently sold on Dreamwidth and I'm going to get me an account there when the open beta hits.. sooner if I can score me a code. I like the features and the plans for it and the outright transparency.. I can tell that even if I don't agree with a decision made by the staff, it will at least have a decent reason why. Considering the business manager wrote "the book" on why advertising on social networking sites doesn't work, I think it'll stick by the promise to be ad-free. It's like LJ before the corporate sellout and with people intent in actually seeing it through.

I'll have to make me a big migration post thing for later.

I'm not sure if I'm going to transfer old stuff or not. I might leave the stuff I've left online from the LJ days and the newer stuff remain at IJ and just begin fresher. I might eventually repost some old material, but I think I'd like to do it in my own time rather than just batch-port everything, even though Dreamwidth does have a functioning internal batch-port utility for LJ-based journals.

I've had some kind of online journal thing since I turned 18, and I've been on the LJ-types since 20. I'm 25 now.. I think I'm probably about due to start over with journaling a bit. (Though sometimes I think about going waaaaaaaay back to the journals I kept when I was a melodramatic 18 year old and laughing my ass off at how stupid I was back then.)

I don't plan on a seed account, though. It's priced at what 4 years of paid-premium would cost, and if I like the place as much as I think I will I'll probably be there for at least four years, but eh. Smaller chunks. Plus, the duo in charge actually explained out the costs and how the pricing works to subsidize the site, so I'm not bitter about doing the reccuring payments thing. (they're going to revamp memories! And they're going to let you do scheduled posts like Wordpress and them do! ZOMG!)

Anyway, here's an update in April so here's a poem. I gotta add this to the list of stuff to subject my teenagers to.

How to Read a Poem: Beginner's Manual           
by Pamela Spiro Wagner

First, forget everything you have learned,
that poetry is difficult,
that it cannot be appreciated by the likes of you,
with your high school equivalency diploma,
your steel-tipped boots,
or your white-collar misunderstandings.

Do not assume meanings hidden from you:
the best poems mean what they say and say it.

To read poetry requires only courage
enough to leap from the edge
and trust. 

Treat a poem like dirt,
humus rich and heavy from the garden.
Later it will become the fat tomatoes
and golden squash piled high upon your kitchen table.

Poetry demands surrender,
language saying what is true,
doing holy things to the ordinary.

Read just one poem a day.
Someday a book of poems may open in your hands
like a daffodil offering its cup
to the sun.

When you can name five poets
without including Bob Dylan,
when you exceed your quota
and don't even notice,
close this manual.

You can now read poetry.

Apr. 11th, 2009

I'm actually considering checking out Dreamwidth. It's another journaling site running a version of the LJ-code, but in this case they actually started mucking around with it and streamlined/changed features to be a bit more in tune with what people would actually like to do with it rather than just clone the operation. It's being run by a large group of people who are all former LJ staffers, which means they also would actually know what they're doing. (This is considered a minus from some people who had some bad experiences with the LJ staff.. but on the other hand, most of the people on Dreamwidth have been working with normal LJ clientèle for a long time and actually know the community in addition to the code, which was something Brad never really got.)

I'm also considering it since it looks like a lot of the people I've been sticking around LJ for are at least mirroring there (which they aren't doing on IJ) and, well, I just get restless and stuff. I'm probably going to wait and see what they're offering as far as account features, though. Since my IJ account is a perm one, it's not like it won't be waiting for me if a Dreamwidth adventure gets started and crashes. (I also fairly regularly back up my journal, so no worries about lost content.) [info]squeaky does a good job here, but I'm fickle and will probably cross-post to IJ if I do decide to have a Dreamwidth adventure.

This week-bit has been fun. Got some new lamps and a chair from IKEA, did a lot of re-organizing and cleaning out, and donated a ton of stuff to Goodwill so that it is out of my hair and hopefully into the hands of people who can get better use out of it. I also made Devil's Food cupcakes with homemade peanut butter icing since The Girl didn't want anything to do with the cream cheese icing I'd originally gotten for them. They are awesomely yummy but you do need to drink milk with them or you will end up with your jaws stuck shut.

Tomorrow I drive to the Great White North for Easter Lunch. I might bring cupcakes.

Apr. 4th, 2009

I am currently cooking a delicious lasagna. (It's Stouffers.. I just got done cleaning the kitchen back up.) And I have cupcakes and/or ice cream for dessert and I might be able to get a spot on tonight's 25-man Naxx. A Sapph kill will get me a happy achievement and some more emblems, which I can hopefully use to eventually get my T7.5 shoulders since I desperately need a shoulder and/or bracer upgrade.

Been cleaning pretty much all day. All the tile floors have been swiffered into submission, the kitchen counters have been cleaned up and dishes done. I took apart the AeroGarden since I had a good think about it. It was producing a ton of herbs, and I don't really have the cooking habits to use such huge quantities of herbs as the garden likes to produce. I'm contemplating ordering the edible flower garden to have something pretty over the warm months, or I might just let it sit for a while. Either way, when it gets cold again I'll be growing the cherry tomatoes I got with the garden, since I love tomatoes and they're both expensive and tasteless during winter.

I'm nearly on break, and I'm planning on using the time to redecorate and re-organize things. I've already made some nice inroads on the bathroom and bedroom (new linens for the bed, replaced a couple pillows... replaced the shower rug and got myself a new shower curtain and some towels to match it) but I have a couple touches I want to make on both rooms. I also desperately need to finally get the two large closets organized and finish with the epic task of going through all my crap and tossing the stuff that has just been cluttering up the apartment so I can finally completely unpack. I have boxes that have been sitting in the storage locker that I haven't touched since the day all my crap and me got shipped into my place, and that was years ago. I suspect that's where a bunch of books and my collection of stuffed dragons went, so yeah.. wanna go through it.

I have to finish with the bathroom tomorrow (the tub/shower area needs some major scrubbing) and vacuum the carpet, pay bills, and figure out a grocery list so I can get that done. Girl's going to be up later on to help with the sorting and organizing part, and Mom wants to go see IKEA so we'll try a trip together on Friday. (By then I'll have an idea of what I want from there aside from some new lamps.)

The Girl and I are both pre-registered for Otakon 2009 and booked at the hotel. There weren't any con block rooms left, but The Girl is a AAA member and she was able to score a nice room for our needs for a buck less than the con rate.. and we might even be scoring free breakfast at least on Friday morning, which will rock. We're going to do a couple improvements and do Phoenix and Godot again.

Looking forward to break. It'll be a nice change from the same old.

Mar. 31st, 2009

One of the things I think I'm regretting about getting older is that my life seems so much more boring. Not that I'm complaining much since it also means my life is significantly less full of stupid drama than it was before.

When I was younger I made a vow not to end up like my Aunt, for whom 95% of a typical conversation involves describing what she ate. I'm kind of weirded out now, though, since I got into food and cooking and I find that it's starting to be a much bigger topic of interest for me than I'd previously anticipated. I'm not near 95% levels yet, but it's definitely creeping up on 50% and since I'm not even thirty yet this is a little worrying.

Work has been workish and varied. Kids have the spring crazies, made worse by the long month with nasty weather and no break and the promise of a break coming up. Break ought to settle them down, but daaaaaaaag Friday can't come quickly enough in some cases.

I need to try on my Phoenix Wright costume since The Girl and I are thinking we're going to do Otakon after all, since the beach is out. I'm contemplating starting over from scratch on the wig, and I'll need to get the correct hairpins and probably a new cap since I have no clue where the old one went in the two years or so since I've worn the costume last. We're either going to commute (it's not that terribly far, just inconvenient) or going to stay with The Girl's BFF Esor, since he gets a room at the Marriott every year and that's right near the convention center. (And near the California Tortilla, which has yummy noms. Much better than the Burger King was in terms of speed and space available and quality of your noms.) Not going in for hotel on our own since it's too spensive for just two and most of the other friends we have are facing other issues. (EK I know is getting married in October, and probably needs all her cashes for that.)

It'll be fun playing with the new camera at Otakon, I think. XD If I give it over to The Girl for chasing people, I'll put it into easy mode.

All right, I guess my life isn't that boring yet.

I do kinda miss having enough free time to write fanfic, though.

Mar. 29th, 2009



Steak dinner was had, and cupcakes were made. Attempt #2 turned out swimmingly awesome. Despite our best efforts there are plenty left for me to eat during this week. And I can always get more! :D Twilight wasn't in the redbox, so we had to postpone that plan.


DC was awesome. I played with the macro settings on the camera a bit but there weren't that many good pictures to be had this time. I think it's 'cause planes are kinda neat to look at but I'm just not that into them. We also spent a bit of time in the Hirshhorn Museum next door to the Air and Space Museum. Saw the Louise Bourgeois exhibition. It freaked The Girl out good, since she's weirded out by modern art in general.

We had dinner at Maggiano's and The Girl made noises about wanting to snatched the waiter we got. XD Lots of leftovers for lunch and dinner. I would like to be able to drag my family into DC for a change, but it's a LOT of walking and they're sadly just not up to it.

Went to the Borders next to the restaurant and impulsively purchased Twilight on DVD there. Went through with plan to watch film and get skunked. OMG it is awful. I can't wait to hear the audio commentary from RPattz.


Had delicious brunch and picked up prescription refill. Then I went to IKEA with the girl. It's like a decorator wonderland! I got a couple of lamps.. which ended up being one lamp because the smaller one was cracked in transit or something and fragmented when I got the plastic wrap off. The big lamp is in the bedroom and I was able to move my normal bedroom lamp into the TV room. It was a fun little adventure, and I saw a computer desk/chair set that I want that would clock in at only about $140 for the set of two. I want a new computer desk-- I need something with more storage and more desk space than the one I have now. I just need to get the boys over because they are both more mechanically inclined than I am and more able to follow directions that are entirely in pictures.

IKEA. OMG it's freakin awesome. Even The Girl got into it. I have to go back later.

Mar. 25th, 2009


Failure smells like burned cupcakes. D:

I have to get more cake mix and try again. The bottoms turned out like charcoal and I think I need an ice cream scoop since I am an idiot at getting the portions right (they were trying to escape the cups, yes).

Not horrible for a first go, but I are still a sad panda.

Not much else of note today-- work was work and I had a nice nap afterward. I am currently reading Life of Pi and enjoying it immensely. I lost one of my Collective Soul CDs in my car, and I'm going to need to clean it out again soon anyway to get rid of papers and hopefully find my missing Modest Mouse CDs.

I have considered once or twice getting a new ipod. My current one is only four years old and the battery is still holding out well between charges, though.

And now, your moment of zen.

Mar. 24th, 2009

Tonight was taco night at my place. A guildie was waxing rapturous about taco kits in gchat back on Friday, and after that I just had to have them.

Made some on Saturday, and the batch lasted a couple days. It was boring, though, since I hadn't thought to get much toppings-wise and I couldn't get my salsa jar open.

To celebrate getting finished with paperwork and banging out a response paper, though, I went out shopping and returned victorious with taco stuff. Along with sour cream, more cheese, and this pico de gallo stuff that was ready-made but good since I didn't feel like getting the stuff and doing all that chopping myself.

I also got my salsa open. I went by Kitchen and Company to see what sorts of jar-opening gadgets they had (and to pick up cosmo mix for the weekend, but they stopped carrying the stuff I like, so I'll have to get mix and more vodka at the liquor store Friday). I saw a couple of these really crazy-looking clamp things that were like $14, and then I saw this little plastic thing called a jar popper that bragged it could open about any vacuum-sealed jar without fuss. It works by simply levering the lid up enough to break the vacuum and pop the seal without you trying to brute-force twist the lid. It was only $4 with the tax, so I got it. Worked like a dream. No more grunting and cussing and hurting my hand and beating things on concrete for me!

I had strawberries and bananas for dessert, with chocolate sauce. The strawberries have been stewing a wihile, with a bit of sugar. They taste bright and just a little bit like they're trying to ferment. Like, an edge of something but not really alcoholic, yanno? It's kind of an exciting taste. I'd wax lyrical about my dinner, but these sorts of things always sound better in my head.

I do regret not taking my camera into Kitchen and Company, though. They had a can of spotted dick. And apparently Rao makes salad dressing, though I did find some photographic proof that Rao also makes pasta. Who knew the god of Krypton had just mad culinary skillz? and thus am I outed as not only immature, but a geek! Some more!

I'm going to DC this weekend, to celebrate The Girl's birthday. And making cupcakes (probably tomorrow or Thursday so they're ready) and making steak dinner, but I figured we could buy the stuff on Friday. And rent Twilight out of the local Redbox and get skunked. We're going to the Air and Space Museum Saturday. We'd go to the building by Dulles, which has the space shuttle and the blackbird, but the only way to reach that is by driving or switching public transit and it would be a pain in the ass. On the plus side, they finished refurbishing the space part of the museum, which we missed when we went last year. And we're planning on Maggiano's for dinner again, which is expensive but they give you enough food to sink a moose.

Obviously I will not be raiding this weekend due to smoochy RL stuff. I suspect I will live.

Mar. 22nd, 2009

Had a nice, quiet weekend in this weekend. For a change.

There were tacos. I still can't get my jar of peach mango salsa open. I'm going to get one of the jar openers that works like a big lever tomorrow. IT WILL BE TAMED. There also might be another taco kit involved-- they're disgustingly easy and tasty, especially with cheese and tomato if you can't get your damn jar of peach mango sala to open. Come to think of it, there might be another bottle of vodka and cosmo mix in my future since Twilight is out on DVD this weekend...

Yats raided 25-man Naxx both nights this weekend. Stayed up waaaaaay too late. Managed to win a roll on a ring. Raped her wallet trying to get frost resist gear so we could attempt Sapph and Kel tonight (we died way too many times due to lack of frost resist) but nobody was on 40 minutes past regroup time and I logged. I'll be prepared for our next attempt. I like her new guild a lot better than the previous-- everyone's a lot more laid back and friendly, yet also a lot more professional with every individual trying to do his or her best. And the raid times fit my schedule lots better. No more Naxx raids scheduled for work nights!

The Girl's birthday is this week. I'll be working on the actual day (boo) but I have the stuff to make cupcakes of her favorite kind of cake. Yellow with chocolate fudge icing. Might also pick up makings for a nice steak dinner. And we're going to do something this weekend, just have to figure out what. It's going to be too damn nice to just sit around inside!

Work's good. Teenagers are silly. I still hate dealing with papers. School's good too-- my last response paper was a 9/10 and I've got a good one for the third response that will give me some good places to go with the longer lit review due in April. I have to re-read the stuff on stats, but I'll figure it out.

I'm thinking of re-doing the apartment this summer. Just getting the furniture into a more user-friendly configuration, getting a new computer desk since I hate my current one, and maybe some more bookshelves. I'm also thinking of getting the edible flower kit for my Aero-Garden since the herbs have been nice, but I've been learning to my chagrin that I really don't use fresh herbs that much. Better to have something lower-maintenance for herbs, like the grocery store or a plot outside that doesn't need pruning and tending every week. Flowers would be prettier and would look boss in salads. I'm saving the tomato kit for when this growing season rolls around again, since it'll save me some cash. I love tomatoes a bit too much.

Thinking of going to the beach sometime this summer. Maybe conning a hotel room and stay a couple days. Rates aren't too bad if you go during the week, and since I'm completely off during the week.... I haven't been since I turned 21, so it'll be a nice change. Otakon's not in the picture, though. I think I might just have outgrown it a bit, and Shore Leave would take some finagling that I'd rather save for next year. :D (The venue is close to my place, actually. I went down there for training for something last October... but honestly I'd WANT  to book hotel for Shore Leave. And I think I want to try and drag my mother to ONE big scifi convention before she dies.)

Mar. 19th, 2009

I had a good day today.

I tried out that eggplant parmesean I'd had a craving for, and it was delicious. I have enough leftovers to have a good lunch of it with some salad greens and the last of the strawberries. For being supermarket off-season strawberries, they still tasted good.

I got a hug today that I didn't expect.

The lunch hour actually ended up just about perfect, and there was nice chat all around.

I got gas and turtles and doritos and cash for the weekend since there's an even chance that I'll get takeout at least once.

My new guild raids on the weekends, late into the night, and I'm set to raid on Friday and Saturday. Yats managed to average 3500 DPS on the meter despite having stuff she does desperately need to replace. Would have been higher, but I always manage to get fragged on the safety dance. I'm thinking of defragging tonight to see if that helps a touch. I was second to another fury warrior who got pugged in and had better gear than me, but only by about 300 dps or so. It's nice to know that I've got this thing down and it's just a matter of gear now.

My cat hasn't puked in a while now. I got to talking with one of the people at Petco, and I feel a little foolish since the suggestion of just mixing in some water with the dry appears to be working quite well. The vet is worse than useless on the puking issue-- I DID ask the last time he was going through a colicky period and all she did was sell me this macrobiotic stuff that didn't do anything. He seems content. I think he might be part Burmese, actually.

I am just finishing up Karen Miller's Gospeaker trilogy, and I am happy that I waited to start until I had all the books because I would have driven someone insane with the suspense had I read the first two when I got them (the third book just recently came out). And I have a book Neil Gaiman thought was pretty awesome waiting for me.

Not a bad day at all.

Mar. 8th, 2009

Today I dragged The Girl out to Fells Point and we wandered around for a couple hours. (It really was a couple-- we had some time left on the meter.) I found some pins and a magnet and took some pictures. The Girl  found an antique frog holding a teacup and managed to trip and fall. She's all right, just got a bit of a scrape. I got her gas and some water for dragging her out. It was a fun afternoon.

We saw a very tough-looking biker guy walking his pet python. He looked like a tough guy straight out of a biker movie but he was very sweet and happy to talk about his snake. He even let everyone pet it. The snake looked pretty content, too. I'm kind of sorry I didn't get a picture of them, but eh. I like the memory.

I've decided I want the summer to myself. Between pretty much losing the good application window to sickness and stress from the midwinter and perhaps still being a bit immature, I'm going to take a pass on the writing institute this summer. They hold it every summer, and the slightly less local location that it'll probably have next year isn't THAT far. I'll save the money I got back from taxes, maybe use it to pay for my fall coursework. Maybe I'll find something else to do in the summer that would be ultimately more uplifting than sitting in classrooms talking about stuff. Maybe I'll finally start writing that book I keep mumbling about doing every few months.

I've been reading books, too. I'm up to #20 so far this year. Picked up a bit more fiction this weekend, so I have a fantasy trilogy and something that Neil Gaiman said was awesome.

Saw Watchmen on Saturday. It was very good. Violent maybe on the level of 300 or a Tarantino movie, but very faithful to the book, even with the change in the ending. The change worked, which is the important thing. I think putting the squid in there would have meffed something up, truth be told. I'm sort of quietly in awe how they pulled off Dr. Manhattan-- there's a sort of quiet and confusedness about him that works. (And yes, gentlemen, the nudity is primarily Dr. Manhattan, sorry. No huge amounts of boobies for you. Though I'm surprised that they actually went all the way and had as much full-frontal on Dr. Manhattan as they did.) And Rorschach.. heavens. He made the whole movie, yes he did.

I'm also a lot more excited about Star Trek than I was before. I think it might actually live up to itself. It's coming out in May! Almost can't wait. Terminator: Salvation also looks like it will be cool. The Girl wants to see if only because Christian Bale will be playing John Connor. I want to see it because of that and because it's going to play with my favorite "what it means to be human" robot plotlines. I think that's also going to be a May movie.. this summer's going to be busy.

We already have a standing sort-of plan to rent Twilight out of one of the local Redbox rental things and watch it while getting skunked. Did it when The Passion was out on DVD and had a fun time. I'll probably post the results of that. XD

Mar. 3rd, 2009

I have the plague (ok, really a probable bronchitis) and I'm going to the doctor tomorrow morning. With any luck I will also get the happy cough meds with codeine so I can both breathe and sleep at night. I also have to pick up some regular cough meds when I get my scrip filled, since I don't want to be wheezing and I'm not taking the codeine stuff during when I need to be working.

I finally got through The Cobra Event. OMG it's freaky. You should all read it. Just probably not when you're sick.

It's fiction, but it reads like Preston's nonfiction work, and he researched it so much it's incredibly realistic.

I'm starting in on another cheery book called Death from the Skies! by the guy who does Bad Astronomy. It's all Scalzi's fault. I end up picking up so many good books because of his blog...

Going to read a little more and then go bed. I have an early morning since the appointment is right when the office opens. Sooner I get there sooner I can get on my meds and wallow. :D

Feb. 11th, 2009


I have been pretty remiss in posting actual posts since I've been playing with Twitter and its associated LoudTwitter.

Now you all know just how ADD-prone I really am. :D

Life has for the most part been pretty cool. Made a trip into DC the weekend after the inauguration to see the Natural History Museum. The Sant Ocean Hall was finally finished, so we got to see that and some of the exhibits in some of the odd places that we'd ignored on past visits. (Though to be fair, we were on limited time there both times. The first time we were killing some time after a protest and the second time we had some time left over after wandering around the Air and Space Museum.) I love the Smithsonian.

Since I got myself a Flickr Pro account in hopes of working on my photography, I've been having a lot of fun playing with the camera I got myself for New Year's on a slight impulse. (I say slight since I wanted a new camera for Christmas, but during the holidays it had been in the category of "something I really want but won't buy for myself" and then I was like "screw it" on the upteenth blurry photo from the old HP and got myself a Canon PowerShot A1000. The irony? It's ten times the camera the old HP was for half the price Dad paid for it eight years ago.)

Threw a stress-related temper tantrum early in the week and so I took Monday off, called my mother, and got my apartment fixed up. I feel much, much better now. It also involved a gleeful romp through Staples for office supplies (to tame the pile of student papers I have to deal with and get more pencils since they seem to be migratory) and a wireless mouse since I re-did my desk too. I actually use the keyboard tray now. And scarily enough the new wireless mouse is better than the old wired one was.

Chellemi and I started the Buddy Cop RP from Hell. We finally decided that since canon is so schizophrenic on how they portray Sandoval, we were going to have our buddy cops be Major Liam Kincaid and Special Agent Chris Orcot instead of Vincent and Sandy. Of course, this means that we get more interesting direct Orcot temper involved. And there will still be a chibi D Harris running about, crazy-as-sin Sofu D, and we get to play with the nature of the location of Phil's Bar. XD We've been watching a lot of season three E:FC for it, since we decided to start the RP a bit before "Thicker than Blood" since we A) didn't want Liam to get shafted like he did and B) get to watch Chris do the whole "bringing a gun to a swordfight" thing a la Indiana Jones instead. Count D gets to be the one to torment the Taelons with the special shiny thing, and Papa D gets to pwn everyone with common sense when we get to "The Farms" with his amazing bioreactor!

Yats joined a raiding guild a couple weeks ago. It's a casual guild and I haven't really done much raiding with them just because the start time most of the time is 8:30 EST and it's always on a night where I have work in the morning. And sometimes they do the one-boss raids as warm-ups, which keeps everyone out of Naxx longer as well. Sigh. I think I'll poke the GM about maybe moving the start time up, or at least getting us another day on the weekend so I can actually attend more regularly.

Grad school is school. Been doing homework and stuff. Having the class totally online has been nice, though, since it means no commute and I can take class in my pjs if I'm really so inclined. I get to eat dinner at home, save gas, and except for the conference call sessions I do the work when I get around to it. It's also funny watching the bug-eyed expressions my kids get when I mention that yeah, I'm in school again too.

Speaking of teachering, I am a little annoyed that they had to include cuts to school and education funding in the big stimulus package compromise. We lost a few billion in school construction money (and there are a zillion schools that need constructed or renovated in my state alone), cuts to Ttile I and NCLB funding that would have gone out (FINALLY)... it's depressing, but it's sort of symptomatic. I hate when politicians start to go on about how American schools suck (protip: They don't. Contrary to popular belief, Americans are still overall some of the best educated people in the world. It's just for some reason we prefer our famous people stupid. I guess so normal people can have SOMETHING over them.) but then usually the first thing they do is, you guessed it, cut school funding, cut scholarship funding, slash wages and benefits so that potential teachers in math and science go to industry for the better jobs.. stuff like that. We're not going to be able to break the status quo and get schools in poor areas up to speed unless people start putting their money where their mouths are and start actually giving schools the resources they need.. or at least start pushing for price controls on the goods and services schools need so we can stretch our money further. (The price of books alone is obscene.. not to mention nice things like the databases and computer systems we use these days.)

Yeah, don't know where that little bit of haet came from, but oh well.

Jan. 2nd, 2009

Happy new year dudes. I know I'm a day late, but that's because I was busy doing stuff yesterday. XD

Let's see, there's a lot of stuff to catch up on, so I guess I'll go in order.

Dec 23

I elected to go up to the rents' on the 23rd after work since there was freezing rain in the forecast for the 24th and I didn't feel like making the trip in the rain either way. Teenagers were nuts, as could be expected. My work present this year was a scarf (last year's was a mug that's sitting in my pantry.. I have a mug from every school I've ever taught at, including student teaching) and this time the principal didn't scare the crap out of the kids when he came to visit.

I am also no longer allowed to play the 60-second game against the kids. Since I kick their butts at it. (My co-teacher was not so lucky. XD)

Dec 24

I ended up doing last-minute shopping for Mom with Dad, which is kind of a tradition for the two of us. Which I was happy to do since I didn't realize she already had the Star Trek ornament I'd found. D:

Watched way too much Food Network. I'd gotten I'm Just Here for the Food from Chellemi a couple days earlier, so yeah. Alton Brown is a god of cooking, I swear.

Dec 25

We did prezzies about mid-morning since that's how long it took Moose to get up. I got a lot of cool stuff, though oddly this is the first year I can remember where I didn't get a single article of clothing for Christmas! My big haul was an AeroGarden along with the herb stuff, a tomato kit, and extra lights. When I get off my rear and set it up, I'll have a cool little garden. Even if it doesn't work as well as advertized, I won't have to worry as much about the plants getting enough light vs. dealing with temperature extremes from sitting on a windowsill. Hey, my apartment is tiny and it's hard to block the light from the streetlamp at night.

Dec 26

Went home since otherwise the cat would hate me forever. Cleaned up after him too.

I did end up spending a bit of Christmas cash on Speed Racer (I liked it. It's was trippyfabulous.) and a WoW timecard since my account was going to end on the 27th otherwise. XD Yats scored a Proto-Drake Whelp from her Oracle egg.

Dec 2-something

Chellemi came up so we'd have some hang-out time before New Year. Ribs and margaritas were had since we were craving them precious. The Chili's call-ahead actually works.

New Year's

Chellemi's friend K was up from Cali. I acquired a probe thermometer like Alton Brown uses and proceeded to use it to make bitchin' roast. Roasting is officially stupid-easy now. We also got a crapton of booze and got skunked. Rang in the new year watching Onmiyoji since K hadn't seen it before. And then we went to bed.

New Year's Day we got breakfast at Ze Local Diner (they apparently don't have them on the west coast) and got K Wrath of the Lich King and got her character transferred to our server. We'll have a 63 65 resto shammy joining the guild at some point. Once we get her to 80 we will have more of an unstoppable team. :D

I got a new camera since I've been wanting a new one for a few months. It's a Canon PowerShot A1000 and I'm in love with it. XD I'm considering getting a Flickr account just to have somewhere to stick all the random burbling with the camera I'm probably going to do. It's already light-years better than my old HP camera, which I'll probably donate to Mom since hers finally gave up the ghost. (The best part is that the Canon takes regular AA batteries.. which are growing out my ears since for a while everyone was giving me giant packages of them when I had no use for them.)

Today the fam is coming down and we're going to wander around the area since I'm beginning to think Mom's borderline agoraphobic and the Saga of Moose's feet continues, so he can't get around too easy himself. Hopefully I'll get free booze out of it, if I feel like drinking.

Dec. 16th, 2008


Today was a day of winces, I guess.

My elbows are horribly dry and scaly and hurt sometimes when I lean on them. I blame a lack of moisturizer.

My wish for a snow ice day tomorrow is likely to go unheeded, which means fun time in the just-above-freezing rainy dark tomorrow morning. Since I actually brought home the crap I'd need to get something done for work in the event work is closed for ice tomorrow. Bummer. And it's a conference night. I'm not scheduled to get out until sometime after six in the PM. But if I get to stay home I get to make homemade chicken teriyaki.

I tried to donate blood today. I was going to do apharesis since Dad does that and it seems a bit more useful than whole blood since they can synthesize plasma if they need to. Techs from the Red Cross couldn't find a vein in either arm. I'm not terribly surprised by this since even hospital techs have trouble finding veins on me. I've had several IV ports in my hands because of it. Mother naturally insists that it was just bad techs, but really I'd rather be rejected out of hand than endure ages and ages of people digging around looking for a vein. I've had that happen too, so I know.

The really bitchy part is that the finger prick for the hemocrit test hurt like a bitch. Though I did get the inappropriate humor of wearing a band-aid on my middle finger. I was good and didn't flash it around to anyone.

I may try again at some other time, but I think if I get ruled out for dainty veins a second time I'll just say screw it.

Checked my college's account and yup, they posted the charge for my class. I went ahead and paid it. A single course for a little over a thousand, though I think I did get a tiny break on fees since it's online. (Just praying I don't have to get any books aside from the APA handbook, which I can get at B&N at a discount.) Still.. it's going to be a bitch keeping my credit card paid down. (I am not going to completely blitz my checking account until after I figure the last of the December bills/paycheck and make sure I have enough for rent in January. I'm not an idiot and rent is disgusting around here.) No Otakon for me for a few years, at the very least.

All right, and by the time I get around to affording it again I'll probably not bother to do it. My advisor at college was actually all like "take advantage if you want to travel! DOOOOO EEEEET!" And there are places I definitely want to see and things I definitely want to do before I die. XD Though I did learn today that traveling to England is apparently uber-risky from a blood donation point of view, though admittedly that's due to the mad cow thing a while back. (You also can't donate if you were in a lockup for 72 hours or more. Nice state of our penal system if it's pretty much assumed you got an STD if you were in lockup more than a couple days.)

Not much else to report. Work is kicking my ass like usual and I want to hibernate. I've determined I had to have been a bear in a past life. Maybe a polar bear. Or a grizzly bear. Something really cranky.

Dec. 11th, 2008

Boring week = FAIL

I'm enrolled in my first grad course. Go me. I managed to snag a spot in the online version of the course I wanted, so I DON'T have to commute anywhere and it should be flexible enough that if things go flooey at work (as they tend to do in April-May) it shouldn't kill me too bad. I will probably STILL be saying no to people more often, but it's much nicer than having to commute a couple hours on top of taking a course on top of working full time. And I don't get the bill until January something, so that's good too.

Christmas shopping is done unless some miracle thing strikes and I have to pick something up for someone. I still need to wrap stuff. I was thinking about sitting down and doing that tomorrow sometime. I honestly can't believe how close to Christmas it actually is. Even though my tree is up and everything I still can't believe it. Probably because I've been up to my eyebrows in everything else.

No new cooking adventures. Due to tiredness and laziness it's been leftovers, takeout (and leftovers from that), and a frozen pizza.. and I have leftovers from that too. (I think I've just not been too interested in eating this week?) I'll probably try to finish the chili and freeze the rest and then make teriyaki chicken, since I have the stuff to make it from scratch. Either that or french onion soup.

My toon on WoW dinged 80 tonight after a fun Halls of Lightning run. Loken is not nearly as hard as everyone was making him out to be. I want to at least make it to entry-level raiding and get me a pretty dragon or two, so I'll still be busy on WoW. Except now I'll be making a lot more gold than before.. I suppose if I ever get bored of my warrior I'll finally get around to rolling a death knight. XD

Dec. 2nd, 2008


The snot monster seems to have cleared up, though I think I'll be on the sinus stuff for another couple days, at least for work.

My new year's resolution is going to be to actually write more. Stuff that says stuff. I'm tired of being jealous of people who actually say things. Expect more friends-locked postings. Better beg me now, friendslist. all two of you who aren't already friended back, lol

I still want a Netherdrake. I think I'm going to stop and do the rep grind in Outland once I get my epic flier money because (A) I am badass enough to solo the content and I have a shadowpriest to peep at if I need some more dps and heals and (B) there's nobody in frigging Outland so some of the fetch quests ought to be real easy.

Nov. 30th, 2008


Wednesday: Got shots, want to strangle a previous doctor for not forwarding immunization info, was saved by mother's baby book

Thursday: Rickroll in the Macy's parade was EPIC. Turkey was good too, though I cut my thumb a bit trying to slice bacon. Woke up with the beginnings of the Annual Infection of Doom.

Friday: Faxed health form, yay. Got Christmas shopping done for a good chunk of the people I shop Christmas for.

Saturday: Returned home. Cat made it through the prolonged weekend okay, though he followed me around a lot.

Today: Annual Infection of Doom officially crosses into doctor territory with green snot and an eensy bit of a fever, which for me is something to remark about since I almost never get a temperature. Called out for work tomorrow in vain hope of getting a doctor appointment for tomorrow to get happy drugs. I told her I'd be back if the sinus headache I had on Wednesday turned into anything, lol. Better a day now than several days of being totally nonfuctional later.

Been playing a lot of WoW since it's disgusting outside.

WTB someone to do the dishes. I haet them.

Nov. 5th, 2008

I have never had a day go by like today.

I got up this morning to hear the news that Obama won, and I read both McCain's concession speech and Obama's acceptance speech. And almost started bawling.

Then I got to work, and oh. my. god. The kids were ecstatic. A bunch of teenagers who supposedly don't care about anything more than their ipods and cellphones were bouncing through the halls, acting like littles on a field trip. A lot of the kids even wore/brought Obama support stuff left over from the campaign, and half of them were singing this little brainworm song about it the way most kids come up with weird little brainworm songs when they're happy. Teenagers. Emotionally engaged in politics and who our next President is going to be.

I can't wait until January. And I'm completely jealous of the kid who gets to go to the inauguration! If the inaguration wasn't set to happen around midterms week, I would take off and so be there. I still might so be there if, in fact, it's on the weekend. XD If only just to be in Washington for it.

Obama took the win, the McCain that I've grown to respect got that Palin tumor excised and came back, and the world is just a bit brighter. What. A. Day.

And the icon is cheerleading Cthulhu, btw.