Mar. 31st, 2009

One of the things I think I'm regretting about getting older is that my life seems so much more boring. Not that I'm complaining much since it also means my life is significantly less full of stupid drama than it was before.

When I was younger I made a vow not to end up like my Aunt, for whom 95% of a typical conversation involves describing what she ate. I'm kind of weirded out now, though, since I got into food and cooking and I find that it's starting to be a much bigger topic of interest for me than I'd previously anticipated. I'm not near 95% levels yet, but it's definitely creeping up on 50% and since I'm not even thirty yet this is a little worrying.

Work has been workish and varied. Kids have the spring crazies, made worse by the long month with nasty weather and no break and the promise of a break coming up. Break ought to settle them down, but daaaaaaaag Friday can't come quickly enough in some cases.

I need to try on my Phoenix Wright costume since The Girl and I are thinking we're going to do Otakon after all, since the beach is out. I'm contemplating starting over from scratch on the wig, and I'll need to get the correct hairpins and probably a new cap since I have no clue where the old one went in the two years or so since I've worn the costume last. We're either going to commute (it's not that terribly far, just inconvenient) or going to stay with The Girl's BFF Esor, since he gets a room at the Marriott every year and that's right near the convention center. (And near the California Tortilla, which has yummy noms. Much better than the Burger King was in terms of speed and space available and quality of your noms.) Not going in for hotel on our own since it's too spensive for just two and most of the other friends we have are facing other issues. (EK I know is getting married in October, and probably needs all her cashes for that.)

It'll be fun playing with the new camera at Otakon, I think. XD If I give it over to The Girl for chasing people, I'll put it into easy mode.

All right, I guess my life isn't that boring yet.

I do kinda miss having enough free time to write fanfic, though.

Aug. 12th, 2008

So I finally got the pictures off my camera even though I've been lazy about getting everything else in my house completely settled and cleaned. So now you get a con report!

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Aug. 10th, 2008

I'm home and I'm alive.

Further details can wait until I get my stuff unpacked and the camera sorted.

I have a ton of pictures. :D
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Jul. 27th, 2008


So I checked over to see when the Phoenix Wright gatherings are at Otakon, since the lot of us are cosplaying Phoenix Wright and last year's gathering was quite fun. So here's the schedule:

PW First Gathering: Friday, 1 PM, Fountains

PW Second Gathering: Friday, 5 PM, Fountains

I'm kinda excited. First day is a good day for cosplay photos since everything's fresh, you aren't worrying about repairs yet, and as long as there are no learning curves with stuff like hair you're going to look great. And we had our learning curve with the spray-dye last year, lol.

Pre-registration pickup information isn't on the website yet, but I've got my receipt printed up and on the fridge for later.

It's also looking like I'll get to chill with my girl on my birthday and we'll be car-pooling from her house barring any future insanity.

It's also also looking like I'll be on my "insane bitch-monster" week of hormones, so I'll even get to be really in character for Von Karma cosplay. :D

Okay, so I don't get that incredibly bitchy when I'm PMSing. Much. Often.

Jul. 15th, 2008

random photos and vest 2.0

So on a whim today I made onigiri. Just a few, since it was kinda experimental and I keep forgetting plastic wrap, which makes freezing any leftovers for later a little difficult. :|

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They were pretty plain since I didn't have anything yummy to stuff them with or any furikake beyond some sesame seeds. Still, they didn't suck and they hit the spot for lunch. I have plenty of uncooked rice and nori left, so once I actually manage getting plastic wrap, I'll probably be making more of them. There are a couple places nearby that sell some of the typical stuffing things, so I can even try them with something tasty inside.

I am also seriously tempted to get some paper punchers for the nori to make cute things, but that's another story.

In other news, I also begged and pleaded with my mother to help me redo the vest on the Von Karma cosplay, since it never really fit right and was driving me slowly insane. So Mom helped my sew the "sweater-vest of doom" (McCall's M2260, in my size naturally. We used a modified version of the view F vest.) and I finished up the decorative elements on it this afternoon. Since it's a pullover style with the center sewn shut to simplify all our lives, the felt and stuff turned out differently. I kinda like it, though, since it makes the felt circles really look like they're the clasps holding the vest part together rather than just slightly mismatched felt pieces. (lol)

As you can kinda see (in the really blurry picture.. have I mentioned most pictures of me look like suck recently?) the vest fits much better than before and actually appears to be a lot more accurate to the reference art as far as the overall style of it goes. I didn't want to get trussed up in the costume, so it's just the shirt/vest/frill, untucked at that, with jeans.

On the hanger, you can see the completed torso part of the costume. Not pictured at the pants, which I haven't bothered to re-hang yet since they're knit and the sort of knit not exactly prone to wrinkling.

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And that was my last few days, ladies and gents.

Jul. 8th, 2008

moar pics or it didn't happen

More pictures of cosplay and hijinks!

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Jul. 5th, 2008

Guess who's coming to Otakon~!

Cosplay progress post get!

Otakon 2008's cosplay project of TOTAL DESTRUCTION is another Phoenix Wright team cosplay-- we lovingly titled it "Miles has Two Daddies." I'll be playing the part of Demon God Prosecutor Manfred von Karma.



That's all for now, since I probably won't get a chance to dress up with the other ladies on my team until the convention itself. I'm certainly not going to be wasting the hideously expensive hair dye. X| At least I'm not fighting a wig this year?

Sep. 28th, 2007



I went to go trolling at hotel sites figuring that there'd be reservations up for August and Otakon 2k8.

Good news: there are several hotels left nearby that have con rate rooms left.

Bad news: the Marriott isn't one of them and the room rate's gone up to about $400/night.

The Sheraton not far from the convention center has the best con rate, hands down, at a flat $151/night, though it's a bit more of a walk to the convention center, being about an extra block away. I'm considering reserving there at the con rate tomorrow during normal business hours, since that would be a lot cheaper than going with the Marriott again.

Rosy, Chellemi, comment with your thoughts.

Jul. 24th, 2007


Probably the second-to-last bit of directly Otakon related babble from me until next summer:

Dates for Otakon 2008 have been confirmed-- August 8-10 at the Baltimore Convention Center. (Honestly, given the fact that it's been there nearly 10 years now, I doubt seriously Otakon will budge.)

I'll be picking up hotel reservations when I get the chance for August 7-9, meaning we'll have to check out early on the 10th again, but no big deal. I'm going to try and go through this time, since they had a rather nice room rate listed when I ran the rate calculator for June. Shares will once against be equal and payable to me when you arrive. (Since I'll be putting it on my card again.) We're going to the Marriott again-- you have to pay for parking there, but the rate isn't too bad and I'm sure drivers can work it out with their drivees. I do suggest carpooling to reduce the number of cars that need paid for, though. I'll post that information when I make the reservation, as well as the list of rates depending on room occupancy. (Shares will be for the entire weekend, fear not.)

Squee. :D

Jul. 22nd, 2007

Otakon 2007 Report~!

I promised a con report, didn't I? :D I'll probably be posting pictures from it for the next week since there are a ton of them spread over three cameras and a few websites.

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Jul. 13th, 2007


Last picture spam post before Otakon, I swear.

This is what happens when I seriously need to take headache pills. :D

Finished Phoenix Cosplay Pics! )

In other news, when I visited my parents this week I also took the plunge and got a car! (Sadly, it's not here with me now since it's been about two years since I drove regularly and I do not want to risk local traffic while still a n00b. We're as bad as Baltimore out here!) So here are a couple pictures from that~!

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Jul. 12th, 2007



The boy had to back out of doing the hotel for Otakon, so we're back down to six people in the room. Total cost for the weekend has gone up to $187/person, split evenly six ways. Though if you want to go ahead and round that up, I would not mind one bit. :D

Chellemi, I need the extra $27 from you. Everyone else still owes me money. :B Remember that I wanna see the goods before you settle into the room, or I will have to get all bitch-a-tron on people. I'm also home now until next Thursday. We'll be checking in at around 4 on that Thursday, so people coming later than that should hit me up on my cell so they know which hotel room to head up to! If you don't make it there until after the Otakon prereg pickup line starts moving, you're going to have to arrange a meet-up if you want a key before we're damn good and ready to move back to the room, since we were planning on catching dinner after picking up the stuff. (Hence, call either way, plz.)

ETA: Otakon pre-reg pickup is 5-10 on Thursday. We'll be heading to join the line around 5.

Jul. 9th, 2007

Big Cosplay Picture Post~!

This'll be my last bit of picture spam until after the convention, looks like. It's abominably hard to get good shots of yourself, after all. :D


And that makes up my big adventure in cosplaying. ^_^ I might be able to get together a picture of myself in full Phoenix togs, but then again I might not manage it before the convention. I'll have to see if my mother's willing to grab a picture for me.

Jun. 22nd, 2007

LOL first meme

It's an old one, but a good one. Answers optional, alas.

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Yesterday I went swimming with Rosy and then deflowered her grill. It was awesome fun. Got some more sunburn and had most excellent steak and boozeahol. I still have to show her Kaiju Big Battel like I've been meaning to. (There are no words to adequately describe Kaiju Big Battel. You just have to watch it and be amazed. And yes, it is correctly spelled battel!) We talked a bit about Otakon-- it looks like what we'll do is us lawyers will all meet up in the morning and get provisions and stuff together before heading to the hotel so I can get us checked in. Then it's the pass line and then dinner.. I'm thinking of moving our attack on Cheesecake Factory to Thursday night rather than Friday lunch this year in honor of it. Since we'll be stuck down in the Inner Harbor anyway. Unless there's somewhere cooler someone would rather go. (There's a Japanese place nearby that sounds lovely, but Chellemi doesn't eat veggies. :/)

Alas, the hotel doesn't have free breakfast. Just free coffee/tea and paper. Rats. (There's high speed internet, though. Not that it does my hulking great computer tower any good, but the lappy people will be happy.)

Sewing party is next Friday~! I should really find a way to secure the shirt and tie before then. And hopefully Rosy can hook us up with her dye supplier so that we can get that squared away as well. (I like having things well in advance for cosplay things. There are always things that need fixed or jury-rigged at the last second... speaking of, I'm gonna need to find a button and safety pins. Little ones.)

And now I head to the great rural north in honor of my brother's birthday (tomorrow). We shall eat really good Tex-Mex and raid the local Borders and a fun time shall be had by all. :3 See you sometime Sunday.

Aug. 10th, 2006

Otakon 2k6 Report!

If you want shiny pictures, you'll have to wait. I can't be bothered to post stuff to the journal right now. XD I have to dig my camera out of my bags.

Anyway... Stuff happened! )

...and Otakon 2k7 is slated to take place at the BCC July 20-22~! I plan on securing a hotel room this time and cosplaying FFVII's Cloud. (Not to be confused with the AC version, of which there are eighty billion.) Anyone of my buds who plans on attending Otakon should get in contact with me, since I'm planning on booking hotel when I pre-register and I'm happy to let other people in on it if they're willing to reimburse me a share of the cost. :3