Mar. 29th, 2009



Steak dinner was had, and cupcakes were made. Attempt #2 turned out swimmingly awesome. Despite our best efforts there are plenty left for me to eat during this week. And I can always get more! :D Twilight wasn't in the redbox, so we had to postpone that plan.


DC was awesome. I played with the macro settings on the camera a bit but there weren't that many good pictures to be had this time. I think it's 'cause planes are kinda neat to look at but I'm just not that into them. We also spent a bit of time in the Hirshhorn Museum next door to the Air and Space Museum. Saw the Louise Bourgeois exhibition. It freaked The Girl out good, since she's weirded out by modern art in general.

We had dinner at Maggiano's and The Girl made noises about wanting to snatched the waiter we got. XD Lots of leftovers for lunch and dinner. I would like to be able to drag my family into DC for a change, but it's a LOT of walking and they're sadly just not up to it.

Went to the Borders next to the restaurant and impulsively purchased Twilight on DVD there. Went through with plan to watch film and get skunked. OMG it is awful. I can't wait to hear the audio commentary from RPattz.


Had delicious brunch and picked up prescription refill. Then I went to IKEA with the girl. It's like a decorator wonderland! I got a couple of lamps.. which ended up being one lamp because the smaller one was cracked in transit or something and fragmented when I got the plastic wrap off. The big lamp is in the bedroom and I was able to move my normal bedroom lamp into the TV room. It was a fun little adventure, and I saw a computer desk/chair set that I want that would clock in at only about $140 for the set of two. I want a new computer desk-- I need something with more storage and more desk space than the one I have now. I just need to get the boys over because they are both more mechanically inclined than I am and more able to follow directions that are entirely in pictures.

IKEA. OMG it's freakin awesome. Even The Girl got into it. I have to go back later.

Feb. 11th, 2009


I have been pretty remiss in posting actual posts since I've been playing with Twitter and its associated LoudTwitter.

Now you all know just how ADD-prone I really am. :D

Life has for the most part been pretty cool. Made a trip into DC the weekend after the inauguration to see the Natural History Museum. The Sant Ocean Hall was finally finished, so we got to see that and some of the exhibits in some of the odd places that we'd ignored on past visits. (Though to be fair, we were on limited time there both times. The first time we were killing some time after a protest and the second time we had some time left over after wandering around the Air and Space Museum.) I love the Smithsonian.

Since I got myself a Flickr Pro account in hopes of working on my photography, I've been having a lot of fun playing with the camera I got myself for New Year's on a slight impulse. (I say slight since I wanted a new camera for Christmas, but during the holidays it had been in the category of "something I really want but won't buy for myself" and then I was like "screw it" on the upteenth blurry photo from the old HP and got myself a Canon PowerShot A1000. The irony? It's ten times the camera the old HP was for half the price Dad paid for it eight years ago.)

Threw a stress-related temper tantrum early in the week and so I took Monday off, called my mother, and got my apartment fixed up. I feel much, much better now. It also involved a gleeful romp through Staples for office supplies (to tame the pile of student papers I have to deal with and get more pencils since they seem to be migratory) and a wireless mouse since I re-did my desk too. I actually use the keyboard tray now. And scarily enough the new wireless mouse is better than the old wired one was.

Chellemi and I started the Buddy Cop RP from Hell. We finally decided that since canon is so schizophrenic on how they portray Sandoval, we were going to have our buddy cops be Major Liam Kincaid and Special Agent Chris Orcot instead of Vincent and Sandy. Of course, this means that we get more interesting direct Orcot temper involved. And there will still be a chibi D Harris running about, crazy-as-sin Sofu D, and we get to play with the nature of the location of Phil's Bar. XD We've been watching a lot of season three E:FC for it, since we decided to start the RP a bit before "Thicker than Blood" since we A) didn't want Liam to get shafted like he did and B) get to watch Chris do the whole "bringing a gun to a swordfight" thing a la Indiana Jones instead. Count D gets to be the one to torment the Taelons with the special shiny thing, and Papa D gets to pwn everyone with common sense when we get to "The Farms" with his amazing bioreactor!

Yats joined a raiding guild a couple weeks ago. It's a casual guild and I haven't really done much raiding with them just because the start time most of the time is 8:30 EST and it's always on a night where I have work in the morning. And sometimes they do the one-boss raids as warm-ups, which keeps everyone out of Naxx longer as well. Sigh. I think I'll poke the GM about maybe moving the start time up, or at least getting us another day on the weekend so I can actually attend more regularly.

Grad school is school. Been doing homework and stuff. Having the class totally online has been nice, though, since it means no commute and I can take class in my pjs if I'm really so inclined. I get to eat dinner at home, save gas, and except for the conference call sessions I do the work when I get around to it. It's also funny watching the bug-eyed expressions my kids get when I mention that yeah, I'm in school again too.

Speaking of teachering, I am a little annoyed that they had to include cuts to school and education funding in the big stimulus package compromise. We lost a few billion in school construction money (and there are a zillion schools that need constructed or renovated in my state alone), cuts to Ttile I and NCLB funding that would have gone out (FINALLY)... it's depressing, but it's sort of symptomatic. I hate when politicians start to go on about how American schools suck (protip: They don't. Contrary to popular belief, Americans are still overall some of the best educated people in the world. It's just for some reason we prefer our famous people stupid. I guess so normal people can have SOMETHING over them.) but then usually the first thing they do is, you guessed it, cut school funding, cut scholarship funding, slash wages and benefits so that potential teachers in math and science go to industry for the better jobs.. stuff like that. We're not going to be able to break the status quo and get schools in poor areas up to speed unless people start putting their money where their mouths are and start actually giving schools the resources they need.. or at least start pushing for price controls on the goods and services schools need so we can stretch our money further. (The price of books alone is obscene.. not to mention nice things like the databases and computer systems we use these days.)

Yeah, don't know where that little bit of haet came from, but oh well.

Oct. 20th, 2008

Your moment of Zen.

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Oct. 10th, 2008

random picspam

Over the weekend before last Chellemi and I were in DC to check out the National Zoo, since we wanted to do something comparatively cheap and yet still interesting. Hence, pictures. And random anecdotes.

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Sep. 2nd, 2008

more random food porn

I'm turning into one of those bento freaks who photographs her lunches every day. On the plus side, I'm learning a lot about how to use the camera's settings a little better, which helped me grab a picture of the boys in the family being kinda adorable without their knowing about it. XD I'm still learning how to get the focus just right on the macro setting, too.

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Aug. 24th, 2008


Since I've spent a great deal of time threatening to do it, I should probably post pics of it, huh?

I am still a total n00b about food photography, though I at least know enough to turn off the flash and use the macro setting on my camera.

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In other news, I have been ignoring the internet in order to work on Escaflowne fanfic. Right now it's only open to my beta, [info]lostangelssong but if I get another chapter or two done I'll start unlocking the entries for everyone else's perusal and mockery.

Aug. 12th, 2008

So I finally got the pictures off my camera even though I've been lazy about getting everything else in my house completely settled and cleaned. So now you get a con report!

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Jul. 15th, 2008

random photos and vest 2.0

So on a whim today I made onigiri. Just a few, since it was kinda experimental and I keep forgetting plastic wrap, which makes freezing any leftovers for later a little difficult. :|

onigiri! )

They were pretty plain since I didn't have anything yummy to stuff them with or any furikake beyond some sesame seeds. Still, they didn't suck and they hit the spot for lunch. I have plenty of uncooked rice and nori left, so once I actually manage getting plastic wrap, I'll probably be making more of them. There are a couple places nearby that sell some of the typical stuffing things, so I can even try them with something tasty inside.

I am also seriously tempted to get some paper punchers for the nori to make cute things, but that's another story.

In other news, I also begged and pleaded with my mother to help me redo the vest on the Von Karma cosplay, since it never really fit right and was driving me slowly insane. So Mom helped my sew the "sweater-vest of doom" (McCall's M2260, in my size naturally. We used a modified version of the view F vest.) and I finished up the decorative elements on it this afternoon. Since it's a pullover style with the center sewn shut to simplify all our lives, the felt and stuff turned out differently. I kinda like it, though, since it makes the felt circles really look like they're the clasps holding the vest part together rather than just slightly mismatched felt pieces. (lol)

As you can kinda see (in the really blurry picture.. have I mentioned most pictures of me look like suck recently?) the vest fits much better than before and actually appears to be a lot more accurate to the reference art as far as the overall style of it goes. I didn't want to get trussed up in the costume, so it's just the shirt/vest/frill, untucked at that, with jeans.

On the hanger, you can see the completed torso part of the costume. Not pictured at the pants, which I haven't bothered to re-hang yet since they're knit and the sort of knit not exactly prone to wrinkling.

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And that was my last few days, ladies and gents.

Jul. 9th, 2008


So the chipmunk was hanging around the place today after not showing up at all yesterday. And I managed to snap some pictures, though naturally only one came out decently. Sooo..


Can you tell I like to play with my camera a lot when I'm a little bored?

It's great being so bored I'm easily amused again, though. I have ENERGY.

When I was at Target getting some random kitchen stuff, I figured I'd pick up some of the lower-sugar gatorade stuff since I have to make a conscious effort to get more salts in my system during the summer or I go all wonky in the heat.

I have found that Propel is no longer the low-sugar gatorade. In fact, it's basically their answer to vitamin water and energy drinks-- lots of sugar and B-vitamins and caffiene and none of the electrolytes anymore. Instead, they're marketing this stuff called G2 instead as the low-sugar alternative. I picked up the red and the orange to try to see which one would taste decent warm at Otakon.

So far red tastes pretty snazzy, though I'm not sure I'd like it when it's all warmed up. (Though I'd probably drink it anyway, as in past years.)

Mom has muttered about inflicting okonomiyaki on the rest of the household. She's never had it before either, so I suggested she halve the recipe (it's sized to serve two as a main course at dinner) and give it a try before trying to make it the showcase of dinner one night. I like it OK but I do like a little variety. We'll see if that experiment works out all right or if she ends up ironically hating it.

Also, I have started in on a quixotic obsession with bento and/or taking pictures of food that I make. This will probably not end well.

Jul. 8th, 2008

moar pics or it didn't happen

More pictures of cosplay and hijinks!

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Jul. 5th, 2008

Guess who's coming to Otakon~!

Cosplay progress post get!

Otakon 2008's cosplay project of TOTAL DESTRUCTION is another Phoenix Wright team cosplay-- we lovingly titled it "Miles has Two Daddies." I'll be playing the part of Demon God Prosecutor Manfred von Karma.



That's all for now, since I probably won't get a chance to dress up with the other ladies on my team until the convention itself. I'm certainly not going to be wasting the hideously expensive hair dye. X| At least I'm not fighting a wig this year?

Mar. 8th, 2008

Last week Chellemi and I were in DC and I remembered to bring a camera for a change. So, pictures.

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Obviously, I got both my camera and printer installed on the new compy. Downloaded the software from the HP site rather than try to find the camera disc because I'm lazy, and I had to download the printer drivers from the beginning since when I got it from Grandpa he'd lost the driver disc. I actually like the new camera software a lot better than the original stuff anyway.

I want to re-watch Escaflowne or at least the ones with Folken in them a lot. XD Maybe while I do laundry.

Dec. 7th, 2007

Christmas shopping tomorrow~!

Depending on how early I get up I might also go grocery shopping.. I still have a pretty good list of stuff I need to get. Including cat stuff. :/ He goes through the cat food pretty fast still.

Of course.. I'll probably end up going in the evening or on Sunday because I am a lazy bum and I am trying to avoid the temptation to try and play WoW all night to level my loladin.

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Jul. 22nd, 2007

Otakon 2007 Report~!

I promised a con report, didn't I? :D I'll probably be posting pictures from it for the next week since there are a ton of them spread over three cameras and a few websites.

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Jul. 13th, 2007


Last picture spam post before Otakon, I swear.

This is what happens when I seriously need to take headache pills. :D

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In other news, when I visited my parents this week I also took the plunge and got a car! (Sadly, it's not here with me now since it's been about two years since I drove regularly and I do not want to risk local traffic while still a n00b. We're as bad as Baltimore out here!) So here are a couple pictures from that~!

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