Jan. 6th, 2009

There were icicles hanging off my car when I left work today. Also, my ankle has been killing me. If you don't hear from me, internets, then the freezing rain outside probably killed my connection somehow.

My career in piracy is going well. :D I'm spending some quality time with watching Boone and Doors try to out-robot each other. I forgot just how subtle everyone was playing with the emoting early on in Earth: Final Conflict. I also think I forgot just how frigging awesome the special effects were.

I'm reading a book about humans-- what makes us tick as far as our behavior, genetics, and anatomy that makes us different cognitively and socially from other animals. Between that and the piracy, it's giving me a bit of a fic bug, since I think finishing this book will make it a lot easier for me to figure out  how different histories might change the drives behind alien psychology.

I have also been tasked with reading Stranger in a Strange Land so maybe I'll get to that eventually too.

BTW: About the journal lockdown, well, it's something I'd been batting back and forth for several months. I finally decided to just go ahead and do it so I wouldn't have to worry so damn much about self-censoring when it's really a small handful of people who read/care to read the thing anyway. Plus this way I don't have to worry about my mother cyberstalking me. -.-;

I'm not sure I'm happy with my layout at the moment, but I am not a graphics person and I don't want to spend hours attempting to tweak it or attempt to teach myself the finer points of GIMP right now.

Oct. 14th, 2008

ZOMG the new patch has landed in WoW and the servers are still borked about 16 hours after they started.

On the plus side, I did actually get to log in on Yats for about five minutes before the borking was just too bad to handle. I guess it means no WoW for me until tomorrow.

The new loading screens and opening screen are sexy. I know, I got to see them eighty times waiting to try and get into my server. Boo for having a borked-up high-pop crazy people server, anyway.

In other news, I tried out doing bento in a single-tier box. Nothing fancy, just a Sterilite Lock-and-lock type box, 700 ml and microwave/freezer/dishwasher safe. It has steak stromboli in it since I was too lazy to cook and didn't quite know what the minimum charge was for delivery, so I ended up ordering pepperoni (dinner) and steak (lunch). I still have most of the steak one left, it might be dinner tomorrow unless I actually work up the motivation to make a big mess cooking tonkatsu like I've been meaning to do. I'm also trying to eat the concord grapes I got on a whim. They're really tasty but a bit weird to eat and I don't think I like the texture of them. They're pretty with the pomegranate scattered in there.

I also got a twitter. For all the stupid things that cross my mind that aren't really worth writing whole journal entries about. Don't look at it. It's full of whining about WoW and IJ being down the other day and just nonsense. Pure nonsense.

I have a couple books of Rumi's poetry now, the translations by Coleman Barks. I think I'm in love. I'm going to the American Visionary Arts Museum on Friday with Chellemi (it's a date. :D) and I'm hoping they still have some of his books in stock from last year's big exhibit. Because it's that worth it. This year's big exhibit is supposed to be sciencey, which means I will probably love it being a science geek and all. :D