Apr. 15th, 2009

Happy Tax Day

Happy Tax Day, USians. I hope your refunds are generous and any debt you owe turns out to be small.

Don't look at me, I filed mine back in January and I've had my refunds for a while now.

I've been following all the teabagging the conservatives are doing and I'm still slightly boggled. First they're protesting how much in taxes people are paying because of Obama which A -- doesn't make sense because the 2009 returns are using tax law from Bush's term in office and B-- part of the stimulus package involves resetting taxes on the richest segment of the population to Clinton-level amounts and giving working families credits. Seriously, cry moar people who are earning six figures. You are not middle-class America. Median income in this country is still around 30K a year so suck it up and deal. I was even watching in bemusement as the teabaggers complained about how the richest people pay the most in taxes. They cited something like the richest 5%, who make 22% of the money and pay 60% of the taxes or something like that, are being taxed unfairly and we should make people who traditionally get out of paying taxes (who are, btw, BELOW THE POVERTY LINE) pay taxes too... I love how people who identify as extremely conservative think this is logical. I mean, I KNOW that most people who identify as conservative live upper-middle to upper class lives, have been for the most part insulated from people who are median-income-to-poor, and have never really made much use of government services beyond the ones like public schooling and the benefits of things like government-sponsored research. They forget the immense scope and reach of government programs-- programs which I often hear the Fox News talking heads bleat about expanding somehow without raising taxes.

I mean, the conservative whine makes no sense when you put it in perspective: Ok, so imagine if you had a hundred cookies and a hundred people.. five of those guys have 22 of the cookies, leaving the other 95 guys to make due with the other 78 cookies, and yet it's not fair for those five guys to have to share even if it means a pretty good number of people will not get cookies at all. In fact, the guys who only managed to score a few crumbs should have to give their crumbs over to the great cookie-tax person and stop making those five guys with their ~4 cookies each stop having to share a couple of their cookies with the guys who got none.

OK, you say, but the teabagging is not about taxes-- now it's about the stimulus bill. Because nobody in Congress read the stimulus package and therefore it's not fair.


Congress wrote the stimulus package. In fact, Congress writes all the laws about taxes. Deciding to get pissy because you lost the election is not going to change the fact that Obama didn't write this stimulus you don't like, and it's not going to change the fact that people were begging for another stimulus back in January/February. Obama signed it, but he didn't write it. I remember the drama in February when the two houses of Congress were not in agreement about the bill, etc. If you really want to get pissy at someone, get psisy at all the people who voted to deregulate, to remove government oversight from big business and encourage monopolies, and thus leave us open to the dramatic screwup that led to the current recession.

And if your Congressperson couldn't be arsed to read the bill before voting on it, don't blame the President. Blame the moron who couldn't be arsed to read the bill.

I mean.. dude.

Apr. 8th, 2009

Thoughts on the recent gay marriage allowings:

Iowa, you are rocking the universe right now. So are you, Vermont-- I bow to your legislative powers.

GG guys, keep up the good work. Every state that begins this process is one state closer to my finally being able to get married! (It just might even happen before I turn 30 at this rate! Awesome!)

Nov. 11th, 2008

Keith Olberman has made me cry. But that's a good thing.

watch this now )