Dec. 16th, 2008


Today was a day of winces, I guess.

My elbows are horribly dry and scaly and hurt sometimes when I lean on them. I blame a lack of moisturizer.

My wish for a snow ice day tomorrow is likely to go unheeded, which means fun time in the just-above-freezing rainy dark tomorrow morning. Since I actually brought home the crap I'd need to get something done for work in the event work is closed for ice tomorrow. Bummer. And it's a conference night. I'm not scheduled to get out until sometime after six in the PM. But if I get to stay home I get to make homemade chicken teriyaki.

I tried to donate blood today. I was going to do apharesis since Dad does that and it seems a bit more useful than whole blood since they can synthesize plasma if they need to. Techs from the Red Cross couldn't find a vein in either arm. I'm not terribly surprised by this since even hospital techs have trouble finding veins on me. I've had several IV ports in my hands because of it. Mother naturally insists that it was just bad techs, but really I'd rather be rejected out of hand than endure ages and ages of people digging around looking for a vein. I've had that happen too, so I know.

The really bitchy part is that the finger prick for the hemocrit test hurt like a bitch. Though I did get the inappropriate humor of wearing a band-aid on my middle finger. I was good and didn't flash it around to anyone.

I may try again at some other time, but I think if I get ruled out for dainty veins a second time I'll just say screw it.

Checked my college's account and yup, they posted the charge for my class. I went ahead and paid it. A single course for a little over a thousand, though I think I did get a tiny break on fees since it's online. (Just praying I don't have to get any books aside from the APA handbook, which I can get at B&N at a discount.) Still.. it's going to be a bitch keeping my credit card paid down. (I am not going to completely blitz my checking account until after I figure the last of the December bills/paycheck and make sure I have enough for rent in January. I'm not an idiot and rent is disgusting around here.) No Otakon for me for a few years, at the very least.

All right, and by the time I get around to affording it again I'll probably not bother to do it. My advisor at college was actually all like "take advantage if you want to travel! DOOOOO EEEEET!" And there are places I definitely want to see and things I definitely want to do before I die. XD Though I did learn today that traveling to England is apparently uber-risky from a blood donation point of view, though admittedly that's due to the mad cow thing a while back. (You also can't donate if you were in a lockup for 72 hours or more. Nice state of our penal system if it's pretty much assumed you got an STD if you were in lockup more than a couple days.)

Not much else to report. Work is kicking my ass like usual and I want to hibernate. I've determined I had to have been a bear in a past life. Maybe a polar bear. Or a grizzly bear. Something really cranky.