Mar. 31st, 2009

Found a fun little time-waster on YouTube thanks to Bad Astronomy-- it's a BBC show called End:Day and it's in six parts. It's your basic apocalyptic end-of-the-world scenario show, featuring tsunamis, meteors, killer viruses, the Yellowstone supervolcano going off, that sort of thing. The story is bound together by this particle physicist trying to get to an accelerator so he can work on this controversial experiment, and the last scenario in the program is the silly fear about accelerators producing black holes or strangelets or whatever that will swallow the Earth. While all the other scenarios end with this whole "It's just a matter of time!" one, the physicist they have for the last one is like "yeah guys, totally impossible."

Fun little time-waster, as I said, though the CGI will probably make you lol.

End:Day pt 1
End:Day pt 2
End:Day pt 3
End:Day pt 4
End:Day pt 5
End:Day pt 6

Mar. 25th, 2009


Failure smells like burned cupcakes. D:

I have to get more cake mix and try again. The bottoms turned out like charcoal and I think I need an ice cream scoop since I am an idiot at getting the portions right (they were trying to escape the cups, yes).

Not horrible for a first go, but I are still a sad panda.

Not much else of note today-- work was work and I had a nice nap afterward. I am currently reading Life of Pi and enjoying it immensely. I lost one of my Collective Soul CDs in my car, and I'm going to need to clean it out again soon anyway to get rid of papers and hopefully find my missing Modest Mouse CDs.

I have considered once or twice getting a new ipod. My current one is only four years old and the battery is still holding out well between charges, though.

And now, your moment of zen.

Nov. 11th, 2008

Keith Olberman has made me cry. But that's a good thing.

watch this now )

Oct. 11th, 2008


The new Twilight trailer is out in ACH-DEE. Some thoughts:

I see they ripped off the whole "eerie a capalla choral-ish piece" thing for the beginning, which is fast on the way to being done to death. Me, I would have started the trailer with the scene in the book where Bella was researching vampires, just to be avant-garde and genre-bending, two things Twilight is not.

Nobody sparkled in the trailer. Even in the scenes where the sun was clearly visible. It's possible the SFX would have been too expensive what with all the wire-fu action. The wire-fu action that was choreographed to look exactly like teenagers who have no idea how to fight getting into fisticuffs. If you're going to throw down money on wire-fu, it should look like the wire-fu guys know how to fight or at least be visually interesting for the audience who has no idea how to fight.

Bella's voice is creepily how I imagined her. Just shy of being at that frequency that really makes my skin crawl from awful.

ZOMG how lame are you when you play backyard baseball in uniforms?!

The evil vampire was cast to be sufficiently creepy.

Naturally they left out all the slightly more interesting Cullens. It would almost be interesting to see a book from Alice's point of view, for instance, or something out of Carlise's backstory even if it would probably read something a lot closer to Anne Rice. Which we already know Meyer ripped off in a lot of places. (Not that this is hard with Anne Rice, since you have to wade through ages of descriptive text and wangst in order to actually pull out the vampire lore parts and most people are not that patient. Yay for my high school vampire phase that I never really grew out of.)

I have a feeling I'm going to be dragging Chellemi to see this, if only to A) sporfle my EYES OUT and B) mock the Twihards and C) see if the movie production staff actually managed to save it. It's been known to happen, where a movie crew takes a mediocre book and makes it something awesome. Time will out.